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Use this video for a quick, three-minute overview of the resources provided by SEPUP for each of the units below. This, along with our base-level evidence of design around the five innovations, is a great starting place to select programs for full evaluation using the EQuIP, the PEEC, or some other custom tool for NGSS alignment.

What does a typical unit look like?

Take ten minutes to watch an overview of one unit, Energy, from Issues and Science, developed by SEPUP. The first five minutes covers the unit's anchoring phenomenon, the unit issue, and a brief visit to each lesson, while the second half takes a deep dive into one activity. This is a great way to quickly see how SEPUP's new NGSS units are structured.

SEPUP | Middle School | NGSS Life Science Units | Click each unit for details

SEPUP | Middle School | NGSS Earth Science Units | Click each unit for details

SEPUP | Middle School | NGSS Physical Science Units | Click each unit for details

It is better to enact great curriculum than to author it—and yet too often we're really scared to push curriculum in leadership. We think we have to develop our own. 

Michael Lach - Director of STEM Education and Strategic Initiatives at UChicago STEM Education and the Urban Education Institute of the University of Chicago

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