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Fully-aligned and in-development NGSS curricula from SEPUP, paired with professional development and support from Lab-Aids, serves as a model to guide an initial awareness, promote a deeper understanding, and ultimately an exceptional implementation of the NGSS.

SEPUP releases its new middle school program

Designed for student learning and fully aligned to the NGSS. 

Fully-aligned NGSS unit: Ecology

NGSS Units - schedule of release


Creating examples for the rest of the industry

One of our lead curriculum partners, SEPUP, has partnered with the American Museum of Natural History and the University of Connecticut under a grant from the NSF to design a model middle school curriculum unit and PD program to support the vision of the NGSS and related Common Core State Standards.

SEPUP is also working on 17 new NGSS-aligned middle school units to that will soon be available for your classroom.

SEPUP and NGSS development

SEPUP is currently working on the development of 17 new middle school units that address the NGSS. Learn about the integrity of SEPUP research-based approach to curriculum development, the level of detail that goes into each activity, and the evidence for this approach in this short video.


Explore a learning pathway

Each Performance Expectation comes at the top of a Learning Pathway—a sequence of activities that includes appropriate disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. as well as the Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math. By the time the student reaches the activity that incorporates the assessment related to the Performance Expectation, they will have interacted with the three dimensions numerous times in their learning journey.

Basics about the NGSS

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