Science Teacher
Akimel-A-al Middle School

I have been extremely satisfied with the SEPUP lessons and supporting materials.  As a science teacher with over 20 years of experience, the SEPUP modules have been the most comprehensive units.  The units we have used in Kyrene are experimental and inquiry based with quality hands-on experiences for students.  The SEPUP modules have personally saved me money because all the supplies and materials are INCLUDED!  The updated website with “Labsent” videos, presentations, and access to the student sheets has been a big help especially when training new teachers on a resource.  The addition of online Spanish versions is also a big plus for our dual-language schools. 

I have a student teacher at the moment and using SEPUP is SO MUCH BETTER FOR A BRAND NEW TEACHER!  Seriously.  That is a big deal as we are hiring more and more alternatively certified teachers and/or new teachers.