This page explains how teachers can add new students and modify student classes. Please check with your school's portal admin to confirm whether he/she would like teachers at your school to add/modify students. 

This page only applies to school/district setups. Teachers from schools set up via Google Classroom, OneRoster API,  LTI integration, or Access Codes are not able to add/modify students.

How to add new students

How to modify classes for existing students


How to add new students: 

1. Click the "Roster" menu on the left side, and then click "Student". Click "Add Student". 

Click "Roster", "Student", "Add Student".


2. Add the information into each field. See below for explanations of each field. 

Click "Add Student" and fill out the informational fields.

a) Enter first name and last name. 

b) Enter username. Username must be unique. It can be an email address, although it doesn't have to be. Check with your admin if you are unsure what to use for student username.

c) Enter password. Check with your admin if you are unsure what to use for student password.

d) Select class names from the list to assign to your student. Select multiple classes by holding the CTRL button and clicking each class. 

e) "Grade" is optional. We highly recommend leaving it blank.

f) Parent or guardian email / Below 13 years: These are optional fields. These fields exist to help comply with COPPA. If you choose to enter a parent/guardian email, the system will send an email to the parent/guardian email address that the parent/guardian will need to respond to before the student can use the system. If you have another method of complying with COPPA or if you have students over the age of 13, you can uncheck the box for "Below 13 years" and leave the email field blank. Please refer to this document for more detail.


3. Assign books to the new student.

  • The new student will not be able to view books unless you do this. 
  • Learning Content > Assign Content
  • Please refer to this FAQ for How to assign books to your students for more detail.

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How to modify classes for existing students:

1. Click the "Roster" menu on the left side, and then click "student". Click the "Edit" button for the student you wish to modify.  

Click "Roster", "Student", "Edit" next to the student you wish to modify.


2. Modify classes in the "Assigned Classes" section: 

  • In the "Assigned Classes" section, you will see some classes highlighted. This means that the student is currently associated with these classes. Press and hold the CTRL button (in Windows) or the command button (in MacOS) and click to select/deselect classes. Click "Save". 

Press and hold the CTRL button to select/deselect classes.

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Helpful hints for modifying student classes: 

  • You can only assign a student to a class if you are associated with the class. So, if you don't see the class in the student's list of classes, it means the admin has not yet associated you with the class.
    • To fix this, you can either 1) ask your admin to associate you with the class, or 2) associate yourself with the class by clicking on "Roster" > "Class" and clicking "Disassociated" next to the desired class. Once that column says "Associated" next to the class, you can add students to that class. 

Click "Roster", "Class", and then click "Disassociated" for the desired class to become associated with the class.

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