Occasionally, a Google Classroom sync will fail due to a number of reasons. This process can be performed if you suspect that student or teacher accounts, Classes, or Class associations are missing from the Lab-Aids Portal. It is advised that this task be performed at the beginning of each school year after the new rosters live in Google Classroom. The Admin on your account has to perform this task; teachers currently do not have permission to restart a sync.

1. Log into your admin Lab-Aids Portal account. Go to the Settings tab on the left-hand side menu and click Google Classroom.

gc reboot step 1









2. Click the Disconnect Google Classroom button.

gc reboot step 2







3. Then, click the Connect Google Classroom button that now appears.

gc reboot step 3







4. Under Sync Settings, be sure to toggle the two settings to the on/green position.

gc reboot step 4








5. That's it! This sync may take up to 6 hours to complete in some cases. After the sync is complete, review the rosters (from the left-hand side menu Roster) and verify that the missing data is now present.