1. Create the schools within your district
2. Create the school admins
3. Assign the appropriate number of licenses to each school 
4. Complete School Admin Setup Duties


1. Create the schools within your district

  • After logging in as district admin, click the "School" link on the left menu, then click "School List." 
  • Click "Add School." Enter in all details and click "Save." 

Click "Add School" on the left menu.

  • Repeat for all schools that need access to Lab-Aids content. 

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2. Create the school admins

Note: You (district admin) can serve as each school's admin, or you can assign each school's admin role to someone at the school level.  One school admin needs to be added for each school. If you choose to add yourself as the admin for each school, you'll need to use a separate username (email address) for each admin account. 

  • After logging in as the district admin, click the "School" link on the left-hand side menu, then click "School Admin." 
  • Click "Add Admin." Enter in all details, then click "Save." 

Click School List, and then School Admin, and then "Add Admin".

  • Repeat for all schools. 

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3. Assign the appropriate number of POs (sets of licenses) to each school

This image links to a video describing how admins distribute licenses.

You'll need to do this for each PO issued to your district. 

**You will need to come back to this screen AFTER rostering teachers in order to assign licenses to your teachers.

  • Click on "License" on the left-hand side menu. You'll see a list of all POs that have been assigned to your district. (A PO is a set of licenses issued to your school/district).
  • Click the "Assign" icon to the right of the PO.

Click on the "assign" icon on the right side of the PO name.

  • Select a school from the dropdown menu and enter the number of licenses you would like to issue to that school. Make sure the school admin is selected.
    • If the PO is for students, make sure number of licenses assigned includes the number of teachers + students + admin(s). 
    • If the PO is just for teachers, make sure the number of licenses assigned includes the number of teachers + admin(s).

Select School, enter number of licenses, make sure admin is selected

  • Optional: If you are also acting as the school admin, and if you have already rostered teachers, you can select the teachers who should be assigned the PO.
  • Click "Assign."

Optional: Select teachers. Click assign.

  • Repeat for all schools.
  • Then, repeat for all POs assigned to your district.

Important: If you are assigning licenses directly to teachers, and if your school has more than 10 teachers, you must click "Display 100 Records" so that you view all teachers on the same page. If you click the checkbox for teachers on one page and move to the next page without clicking "assign", your selections will not save. 

If you have more than 10 teachers, click "Display 100 records" to view all teachers on the same page.

Once all teachers are viewed on the same page, you can select teachers and click "assign". If you have more than 100 teachers, click "assign" after each page of 100.

Now you can view all teachers on the same page.


If you experience any issues while modifying this screen after initial setup, please contact portals@lab-aids.com for assistance.

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4. Once you have completed the above district admin duties, the school admin setup duties will need to be completed for each school. Please click this link to view school admin setup duties

  • Either the district admin or the school admin can complete these duties.


Helpful Hints: 
  • Schools/Teachers need to be assigned both the teacher POs and the student POs. If you only have one PO, that's fine. 
  • When assigning the student PO to schools, make sure that you assign enough licenses to cover the admin, teachers, and students. 
  • You do not need to assign anything to students. Teachers will assign content to students.

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