I haven't received any access information yet but I know my school/district has been working with Lab-Aids.

There are several steps involved in the set up process that need to take place before teachers or students have access to their science Portal. 

  1. Lab-Aids or the Customer establishes communication around the need for new Portal access. 
  2. The customer provides Admin contact information to Lab-Aids (in some cases we have seen this take many weeks for the district to identify and communicate who their Admin will be).
  3. Lab-Aids creates the Admin account and assigns licenses (access to specific curricula for a period of time). 
  4. The Admin then distributes that access to teachers and students. Lab-Aids is not involved in this step other than to support the the Admin if needed.
  5. Teachers receive an email from their Admin with login credentials. 

If you are a teacher and you are aware that your school or district has been in communication with Lab-Aids, please contact your Curriculum Coordinator (or the person who makes science curriculum decisions) to determine if Admin information has been sent to Lab-Aids - more often than not, this is the cause of the delay.