Angela Mitchell
Science Department Chair
Shea Middle School
Susan Sumner & Owen Maurer
Science Teacher
Mansfield Middle School and Booth Fickett K-8
LAB-AIDS materials and kits are relevant to the students and take difficult concepts and really break it down in ways that I think our students would have a better chance at understanding. We really liked the Labsent ability to help...
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Owen and Jessica Maurer
Science Teacher
Booth Fickett K-8
Rebecca Garelli, M.Ed.
Science Education Consultant
Sevilla West Middle School
Monica Crowder
Science Teacher
Akimel-A-al Middle School
Carola Montana
Science Lead
Explorer Middle School
Teacher Professional Development using Iterative Inquiry-Based Chemistry Activities (pg 28) Researchers Mitchell Bruce, Clint Eaton, Stephanie Virgilio, Somnath Sinha, Laura Millay. Research Subjects Middle school Chemistry Teachers; 7th and 8th grade students Focus of the project In order to address...
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Significant student gains...
Maine Physical Sciences Curriculum Partnership
University of Maine
Students’ Understanding of Middle School SEPUP Chemistry Curriculum (pg 30) Researchers Stephanie Virgilio, Clint Eaton, Mitchell R. M. Bruce, Somnath Sinha, Laura Millay Research Subjects 7th and 8th grade SEPUP Students from Rural Schools in Maine Focus A survey was...
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Students outperform AAAS results
Maine Physical Sciences Curriculum Partnership
University of Maine
Stephanie Finn
Buffalo, New York
Lisa Martin-Hansen
Lisa Martin-Hansen
Long Beach, California
Linda Culpepper
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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