Angela Mitchell
Science Department Chair
Shea Middle School
Susan Sumner
Science Teacher
Mansfield Middle School and Booth Fickett K-8
Lab-Aids materials and kits are relevant to the students and take difficult concepts and really break it down in ways that I think our students would have a better chance at understanding. We really liked the Labsent ability to help...
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Owen and Jessica Maurer
Science Teacher
Booth Fickett K-8
Rebecca Garelli, M.Ed.
Science Education Consultant
Sevilla West Middle School
Monica Crowder
Science Teacher
Akimel-A-al Middle School
Carola Montana
Science Lead
Explorer Middle School
Findings: Teachers’ understandings of using evidence and reasoning to support claims increased during professional development and teachers increased their skill in scientific communication as evidenced by sophistication of posters they created. One of the characteristic features of the professional development...
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Significant student gains...
Maine Physical Sciences Curriculum Partnership
University of Maine
Findings: Our students outperformed the reported AAAS and MOSART results for every question that we incorporated into the survey across multiple concepts including conservation of matter, structure and properties of matter, and chemical reactions Of the 10 multiple choice questions...
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Students outperform AAAS results
Maine Physical Sciences Curriculum Partnership
University of Maine
Jon Divito
North East
Ed Monk
New York City
I teach with Lab-Aids because it makes me a better teacher and it makes my students better students.
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Stephanie Finn
Buffalo, New York

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