Join Lab-Aids in San Jose for the California Science Teachers Conference. 

We will have four hands-on workshops for you to attend and best of all you get to take the activity back to your classroom to share with your students. 

NGSS Energy: Are these light bulbs heating up our energy bill?

Some devices are less efficient than others - how does this impact our home energy costs? Compare the thermal energy transferred by an incandescent and LED light bulb to calculate the bulbs’ efficiency. Consider “lifetime” costs and trade-offs when deciding which type to purchase. 

NGSS Evolution: Embry-OH!

What relationships across different animal species can you see in embryological data that you cannot observe by comparing mature animals? Identify patterns in embryological images from different species to provide evidence of relatively closer evolutionary relationships.

NGSS Chemical Reactons: I didn't want this side product! What do I do with it now?

Chemicals and chemical reactions are used to make and power useful products but they also create waste. How can our understanding of science and engineering improve product design and methods to clean up waste?

NGSS Designing Ocean Breakwaters

How can a farm impact fishing nearby? Could it also impact the quality of drinking water in a nearby town? Use a model to gather evidence about the interaction of soil, water, and fertilizers in a laboratory investigation.


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