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About Us

About Us

At LAB-AIDS® everything we do is focused on being “A Catalyst for Learning.” For over 53 years, our company has been developing, manufacturing and publishing supplementary and core curriculum products that help students better understand science concepts through direct experience. These experiences truly build a strong and long lasting foundation of knowledge.

Educational Products Designed Around Classroom Management

LAB-AIDS® was established in 1963 by a science teacher from Long Island, N.Y. based on a unique and exciting idea – to help science teachers offer a more meaningful "hands-on" experience in the classroom by providing them with the materials and equipment that they need to execute actual science experiments with their students, making learning more effective. He knew that when students experience science first-hand they are more engaged and have greater knowledge retention.

From the materials and equipment that have been the mainstay of our offering for the past 53+ years to the middle and high school curriculum that we offer today through partnerships with Lawrence Hall of Science (SEPUP) and others such as world renowned physicist Tom Hsu of Ergopedia, LAB-AIDS® has revolutionized science education and today is a leader in science curriculum and inquiry-based learning for middle and high schools across America.

The value and significance of the hands-on experience can be truly enhanced by the teacher. That is why our products are not only designed around classroom management (providing materials in sufficient quantity, self-guided student worksheets, color-coded labels and our signature storage trays), but also provide substantial teacher resource material to assist teachers in every possible way.

Supporting teachers is a high priority for LAB-AIDS®, and to that end we have developed the LAB-AIDS® Institute; an expansion of our Professional Development Services, whose mission is to find ways to work side by side with science teachers, helping them to acquire new knowledge and skills while collaborating with them to enhance our offering.

The LAB-AIDS® Institute not only provides education and professional development but also product support and new product development “think tanks” where panels of educators are invited to offer their wisdom and brainstorm ideas for new and exciting science investigations.

Today, LAB-AIDS® continues to be committed to bringing students and their educators the best possible classroom experience. When it comes to Experiencing Science, whether you are a student or a teacher, LAB-AIDS® is truly with you Every Step of the Way.