Vice President of Sales

Tiffany Alewel leads the Lab-Aids sales team working with district implementations of the SEPUP curriculum.  Tiffany’s passion for education began in the classroom supporting children on a wide variety of STEM, ELA and at-risk programs for over 10 years.  Applying that knowledge and experience, Tiffany spent the next decade plus supporting curriculum implementations across many school districts and states throughout the country.  Her journey in education has taken her from the classroom to managing implementation of district level projects to working with companies of all sizes as they have expended into the ever changing and complex education vertical. One of her most fond memories is having the opportunity to work side by side with astronaut, physicist and educator Sally Ride while living in California focusing on the importance of STEM education in Middle Schools. Tiffany knows firsthand how important getting the right tool into the classroom can be to ensure that each child has the best opportunity to find their success.

Tiffany holds a B.S. in education from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis and Masters in education from Lindenwood University. She has been certified to teach in Missouri, Florida, Virginia and New Jersey.  She currently lives with her husband and three children in Tampa, FL.