Science Teacher
Mansfield Middle School and Booth Fickett K-8

Susan Sumner:

I like the idea of SEPUP curriculum because materials in Spanish are available and are easy to access.  With our current curriculum, at least in 6th grade, there are not Spanish materials available.  I have multiple Spanish only speaking students every year, more so this year, and I have had to make my own materials using Google translate which has added hours to the time I spend lesson planning.
Owen Maurer:

LAB-AIDS materials and kits are relevant to the students and take difficult concepts and really break it down in ways that I think our students would have a better chance at understanding.  We really liked the Labsent ability to help students who are absent or even just to use as a teaching aid to demonstrate visually ways to set-up the lab for different types of learners.  We also feel that the materials really speak to all students across our diverse student population so that everyone can benefit from it.