Science is magic that works.
-Kurt Vonnegut

Fabienne, a former teacher, has oversight of the Pacific West territory for Lab-Aids' proven science programs sales efforts. She has been in this role since October 2013.

Prior to assuming this current position, Fabienne was a teacher in NJ for several years. She later moved to Texas where she held a short-term teaching position for 4th grade math and science. When the term concluded she became a sales consultant for Lab-Aids and was instrumental in introducing the Lab-Aids’ philosophy of science to Texas - “kids should be able to DO science."

Fabienne and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest, which has allowed her to focus on the Western schools and districts. She serves as the liaison for school districts, teachers and administrators and is a dedicated resource for her customers. 

Her goal as your sales representative is to help your students not only have a hands-on experience but understand that science touches every aspect of their lives.

Fabienne holds a BA from Fordham University. She also studied at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France for one year and has worked towards earning her MBA.