Lab-Aids is currently overhauling our online curriculum (Portals) to better serve our students and teachers. Our new platform will be a significant upgrade, and yet still provides easy access to your curricular resources. We will be reaching out to customers to make the switch by providing them with access codes. This will allow you to access the same products you currently have access to. 

Both the old platform and the new platform will be available during this migration. Tentatively, the old platform will be shut down in Summer 2018. Any existing licenses to our products will be migrated to the new platform before then. In the meantime, as teachers and students are directed to a new login fork page, please use Classic Login unless given specific information from us to transition.

Click here to download a letter to send home with your students to share with their family. We thank you for your patience as we make an effort to make the transition a little smoother.

Have more detailed questions? Go to Portal FAQ page

  Old New
Single Sign On (SSO) No Yes
LMS Integration No Yes

Online note taking and highlighting

No Yes
Online, web-based assessments No Yes

Ancillary resources available from within

Student Book & Teacher Edition

No Yes
Apps available for offline curriculum use No Yes
Google Classroom No Yes
Assign homework and provide feedback No Yes
LABsent Student Sheets & Videos for absent students Yes Yes
Editable PowerPoints for each lesson Yes Yes