Evolution is the eighth unit to be released from the Issues and Science, Third Edition from SEPUP at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkley. It has been developed for full alignment to the NGSS performance expectations and the pedagogical shift outlined in the Frameworks. Each unit of the program incorporates science and engineering concepts and practices with current issues.

It is a 7-8 week middle school unit focusing on the processes of natural selection and extinction in shaping the diversity of organisms on Earth. It also explores how people are affected by and affect evolutionEvolution is fully aligned to the three dimensions of the NGSS and bundles the following Performance Expectations (PE): LS3-1, LS4-1, LS4-2, LS4-3, LS4-4, LS4-5, and LS4-6. To explore the Learning Pathways for each PE in the unit visit

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